Monday, December 10, 2007

New Puppy Linux release.

Puppy Linux Community Edition 2.15 has been released, i being a Puppy fan had to give it a test drive, so i downloaded and tested the live cd on my 'new' guinea pig, an old Clevo notebook 800Mhz/128Mb Ram/6Gb HD.
First impressions? Gorgeous looking desktop (something i did miss in early Puppy releases) the clear icons are simply fantastic, after trying many applications while running live i decided then to perform a HD install, this of course was a breeze (you may need some basic knowledge if you need to partition/format your HD) in some 10 minutes the install was complete, and of course being Puppy, it work incredibly fast on this system, here is a screenshot from the default desktop with the VistaBlack theme, I've always customized my desktop, either with another WM, another background and/or different icons... but i can't get away from this one! simply beautiful, great work Puppy community.

A lot more information about Puppy Linux here.