Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump won, my thoughts.

Some love him, some curse him, some call him a visionaire, some call him a monster and an arrogant a**hole, stock markets worldwide were shaken and went back up overnight, people freaked out, cried, panic broke loose and doomsayers started calling "Black tuesday" and even predicting the 3rd world war.
Politicians are predators, and politicians on campaign and the dirtiest and most dangerous predators one could think of, they will dig into the enemy's dirty laundry, find out their best kept secrets and weaknesses and use it against him/her, this is modern political campaign warfare. 
All of a sudden Trump was accused of sexual harassment, -he touched my breast back in 1984- or -he put his hand under my skirt- he did? maybe he did, maybe he didn't, one thing is  for sure, the more powerful your position is and the richer you are, the easier it is for you to put your hand where you should not. Just think of all these people that would do "anything" to land a good job, climb to a higher position in a business or to get an exclusive interview with a famous superstar. 
In today's society it happens, and it happens more often than we think, but nobody talks about it... until someone can use this accusations to damage someone's image.
How many people accused Barack Obama of drug abuse in the past as he was running for president? He admitted having smoked pot and done cocaine, nevertheless he became the first afro-american president in the history of the USA, won the peace Nobel prize and was reelected again.
Remember Ronald Reagan? a Hollywood actor will never be president, some said, but in spite of that he was elected governor of California, was reelected in 1970 and after unsuccessfully running twice for president in 1968 and 1976 he was finally elected president in 1980 and was reelected for the following period.
At this point it's worth adding how similar Reagan and Trump are, they were both outsiders who weren't taken seriously as presidential candidates, but they were both driven by this passion for what they believe in, and that's probably one key factor for Trump's victory.
Don't get me wrong, i wasn't pro-Trump myself (although the other candidate wasn't really a better option to be honest) my point is, he won, we're now stuck with him, note that i say 'we' because even though i don't live in the USA and i didn't vote for either one of them, the world's become so small and countries are so connected to each other that his victory will have mayor influence worldwide.
So people, quit complaining, accept your loss, try to see the positive side and give the man a chance, after all, you have no choice, do you?