Monday, March 30, 2020

Where's god?

We've all been sold the idea that there's a god, the almighty that knows it all, looks over you and answers all your questions. Nowadays a lot of people would say Google is the closest we've ever got to talk to a god which I partially agree but that's not the point now.

What I wonders these days is, where's that god now when people most need him? Don't get
me wrong, I come myself from a Catholic family and religion was an important part of our
everyday, so I know what's like to believe in god, going to church, praying etc.

Many years later now I simply lost the belief and stopped believing in fairy tales, because
that's what I think it is, a fairy tale. Take for example the actual situation, a virus is spreading around the world and already killed tenth of thousands of people, now who's out there fighting and looking for a way to stop this worldwide menace? Scientists! Doctors and nurses are out there taking care of the infected while risking their own lives in the process.

Scientist are actively working in their labs looking for a cure to this virus.These people are working 24/7 in order to regain control of the situation. A big 'thank you' to them all and others who are still working at supermarkets, picking up garbage, police etc, these are the real heroes of this time.

Priests and religious people? They're safe inside their churches and temples praying and
hoping that SCIENCE!! comes up with a cure soon... and while they stay inside how do
they communicate with the outside world? Through science! Mobile phone, computers,
electricity, cameras used for virtual mass etc.

I think they (religions in general) gave in to science the moment they started to protect their
houses of god with lightning rods a few hundred years ago.

That fact alone made me rethink that question, is there really a god? Based on the fact that
history has been mainly written by the powerful who won the big battles of our time I believe
that the bible was written the same way and it doesn't prove the existence of a god more
than a comic book proves the existence of Superman.

Let the believers believe if they need to and to everyone (believers and nonbelievers) stay at
home until science has found a cure for this threat.

Just my two cents.