Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Linux powered subnotebook.

Asus presented in the Computex in Taipei a project they've been working on together with Intel, the EeePC is powered by a Intel mobile processor, has 512 MB of DDR2-400 memory and comes with a choice of between 4 and 16 Gb flash drives.
Although the EeePC is windows-compatible, Asus has decided for a self-developed Linux operating system (Hooray!) The EeePC's main target will be the comunication market (web-browsing, e-mail, office work and digital communications) in order to achieve this, is equipped with a fast-ethernet port, 802.11b/g WLAN and a 56k-modem, in the multimedia department has a 3 megapixel webcam, hi-fi audio and microphone, the smaller model with a 7" screen will cost around 199$, while the 'big brother' with 10" screen will start at 299$ (hardware specifications and prices are from press releases)
Asus plans to start producing the EeePC in August (and so do i), will be looking forward getting my hands on one.

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