Thursday, July 19, 2007

Microsoft will help making a better Linux. (????)

Well, it's finally happening, ms realizes that Linux is a real competition and a possible threat to them on the desktop and is now throwing it's tentacles around and trying to get a hold on it... just shortly after saying that Linux was violating some of their patents, now they're willing to happily "work" together with some of those companies? Funny i'd say, i used to be a SuSE user, but after novell threw herself to ms feet they lost my respect, i can do on Linux everything i can do on windows (and sometimes even better) and i'm no Linux guru... heck i can barely write a shell script!! if something doesn't work "out of the box" i still make it work, even if it takes sometime reading in a forum or asking Google.
Fact is that most PC users just want things to work, and ms does a great job at that (which to me translates into treating you like a braindead moron), insert the cd and watch the light blink.
I won't say that novell/xandros/linspire and whoever else is throwing himself to ms feet is doing a bad move, i just truly hope that in a future our Linux stays pure, open and free.
I wonder what does Linus think of all this mess...


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  2. (Originally posted by Thomas)
    The great thing about Linux is it can remain free and open. It can remain free and open even as some distro's choose to add bits and pieces that are not free and open. At least until such time as the FSF chooses to lock down the GPL/

    The tentacles of MS can wrap and squeeze Novel/Xandros/Linspire to its little hearts content and in has little if any effect on the rest of Linux community.

    I say, if there are those that desire what Novel/Xandros/Linspire offer let them have it if it makes them happy. Hell, give them DRM or any other limiting software if they want it.

    That's the great thing about freedom and choice. Freedom to choose -- even freedom to choose to not be so free. They are the one that have locked themselves in and they'll have no one to blame but them selves if the walls come tumbling in.

    That doesn't mean we should try to educate, I just don't like to force -- I left that kind of invironment don't need to create another.