Monday, February 2, 2009

How to install games on Samsung SGH-F480

As soon as i layed hands on my new samsung, i was dissapointed that there was only one game installed so i wanted to have a couple more options to choose from, unfortunately samsung made it quite a difficult (but not impossible)task, here is the result of a few day's investigation and googleing, the TKFileExplorer is a windows application but i'm sure there must be a Linux counterpart.

Necessary Programs for Installation: TKFileExplorer 2.2
The .jar and .jad files for the application.

Step1. Download and install TKFileExplorer. In the same .rar file, open and choose the Setup.exe file. This will install the necessary Samsung Driver to use TKFileExplorer.
Step2. Open TKFileExplorer and go to Settings then choose COM. On port, click the drop down menu and choose the port that is visible (something like port 5/port 6). NOTE* you must NOT be connected in pc studio program. Now click on FILE and CONNECT.

Step3. On the bottom half of TKFileExplorer, browse through these folders Exe/Java/Games. Now that you are in games, create a new folder. Name it after what you are going to install (for example, Google Maps, Gmail, Opera Mini etc). Now you will need to place the .jar & .jad files of the program you will be installing. On the top half of TKFileExplorer, browse through to where you saved the application files (.jar/.jad) and select them both. Now right click and choose ‘Download’. All done for this part.

Step4. Open up your dial pad and enter the following, *#6984125*#. Choose INTERNALS and enter the following, *#9072641*#. Now scroll down and choose Storage Settings. Then update Java DB, followed by update apps database. Now you are finished. Go to Menu>Applications/Apps & Games. Your newly installed app should be visible!

Enjoy it and i hope it helps someone :-)


  1. After openin the TkFileExplorer i cannot seem to find any file name comp or port. HELP!

  2. Sometimes reading really helps :-S
    com and port are no files, they are options in the settings of tkfile explorer.
    Here again:
    Step2. Open TKFileExplorer and go to SETTINGS then choose COM. On port, click the drop down menu and CHOOSE THE PORT that is visible (something like port 5/port 6).
    Hope is clear enough now, thank you for visiting my blog :-)

  3. hi, i followed your steps and everything seemed to go fine, even with the updates...however nothing appeared in menu>applications>games... this where it is supposed to appear right??

  4. Hi Anonymous, after you have transfered the files to the mobile and type in the the number sequences you should see the icon in menu-> games.
    Did you use/transfer both '.jar' and '.jad' files?

  5. hi there

    tried all the steps
    all looks good, got the games to work first time. but it does nt seem to work the next time:(

  6. Hi Manoj,
    can't tell you why, on my phone everything worked out just fine, maybe try deleting all the games and try reinstalling? :-S

  7. hi,

    tried that too, what happens is it works the first time. next time all i can see is the .jar files. when i click on start it shows file format not supported. pls tell me if theres a way out:)

  8. togivesomehow I followed your instructions but I still can't find anything on the dropdown list of port (and yes I installed the driver)

  9. Hello! Under step 2, under the drop down list in Port, my only option is "com 4". I selected it, and clicked connect. However, there is an error message: "Error: the communication link is lost." Could you help?

    Many thanks!

  10. Hey there,

    When I get up to connecting, it comes up as an error that's like this: "Warning: Unable to open the specified port. Please try again."

    When I go to the drop down meny of 'Port' it comes up as 'COM11' and 'COM10' I tried both but the same things happen. Do I need to plug/unplug the phone? If so, which connection do I choose, Media Player, PC Sync or Mass Storage.

    Thanks, Kenan

  11. Hi anonimous, try with mass storage, it did work for me.

  12. Thanks a lot. Connected through the only COM available. Download was confusing because both files were placed BESIDES, notIN, The chosen folder on the phone. Nevertheless I entered the codes, and had to accept a copuple of "may cost money" prompts, apparently two installs, but then Opera Mini (4.2) was running fine from Games folder.

  13. Hey, when I go into the TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe and go to 'Setting' then 'COM' I select the drop down box under 'Port' and nothing comes up so I just typed in what my phones COM number is 'COM6' and clicked 'OK' but then when I click connect in TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe it comes up with an error 'Error: The communication link is lost.'

    Can anyone help?

  14. Hi Drew, i'm afraid i don't owe this mobile anymore, i went back to my loyal Nokia 6600 and i'm soon getting a Palm Pre, hope you find anyways a solution :-)

  15. TkFileExplorer MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    How do i solve this problem anyone has any clues???

  16. i opened settings then com but there is nothing in the drop down??

  17. hi! How come there's nothing written in my port? :(