Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Network manager issue on Kubuntu 10.04

Today i'll show you how to re-enable the network manager on Kubuntu 'Lucid' 
After upgrading to Kubuntu 10.04 a couple of weeks ago, everything worked just perfect, but today, as i switched on my notebook i couldn't get online, neither by wlan nor by cable, a situation i just couldn't understand because it was working just a few hours ago.
After a few minutes of Google search i found out that this issue is known as bug #524454 and thank the Ubuntu community there's a simple solution to it:
Open up a terminal and start dolphin as root 'sudo dolphin' then navigate to /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state, this is a text file that you can open in your favorite text editor, if you were victim of this bug your network setting should be NetworkingEnable=false, just change 'false' to 'true', save the file and then let the command 'sudo restart network-manager' work it's magic... voila!


  1. Thanks a lot for that. Sorted me out.

  2. Hey Goomy, don't mention it, i'm glad to help, thanks for your visit and comment :-)

  3. thanks dude,

    now i can use the network-manager again insted of wicd.

  4. Hi patrick, glad i could help you out, i actually prefer wicd to netmanager but as long as netmanager is working i'll stick to it :-)

  5. Thank you so much, that's exactly how to solve this strange problem!

  6. Thank you for your post!!! I had to chmod the file to get it to work. After two hours of searching, I finally found an answer.

  7. Thanks, man, works like a charm! Saved me tons of time searching and trying!


  8. Glad to help, thanks for commenting :-)

  9. Thanks a lot! You would think something like this would come up in the official documentation. It's hard to find answers to specific problems like this. I even thought about starting my own blog and document all my good and bad experiences (along with answers and fixes) with ubuntu/kubuntu. I still love this system. My favorite, so far, is kubuntu (I love the KDE desktop, konqueror and kate rock!).

    1. This is a really cool website. Great job, the comments are really insightful.