Saturday, October 8, 2016

Retaking the logbook

And here i am again, it's hard to believe that my last post was months ago again... shame on me!!!
What has happened? You may wonder, a lot i'd say, but this is a different story i may write about sometime.
Since my last post on Ubuntu 16.04 i've tested a whole bunch of different Linux distros, damaged my laptop's harddrive and had to swap drives with my external storage in order to keep testing.
I did also test a few Android roms on my Samsung Note II before it fell two stories down the stairs and was so damaged that repairing was not an option anymore (at this point i may remind you the importance of having a backup of your data, specially of mobile devices)
My actual hardware setup is a Medion Akoya E6313 (also known as MD 97842) Windows 7 and the latest release of Elementary Linux code name Loki based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
After testing Open Suse Leap 42, Fedora and Ubuntu 16.10 among others, I decided to stick to Elementary due to it's beautiful look, ease of use and because it's Ubuntu based.
This is it for now, more to come, stick around!

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