Thursday, March 14, 2019

The neverland incident.

Accordding to HBO's documentary Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson was sexually involved with two children and sexually abused them on a daily basis for years.
Both kids, now adults, talk about how they played 'games' with Mr Jackson, showered together and did other things which i don' find worth mentioning here.
My first question is, why do they start talking about it some 30 years later and didn't say anything right away when Mr Jackson touched them (if he actually did) for the first time?
Furthermore, why did their parents allow this in the first place? What parent trust their children to be alone and sleep in the same bed with an adult man that they basically didn't know?
Michael himself was abused by his father, and everyone knows it, he was himself robbed of his childhood and couldn't enjoy playing out in the dirt with other kids and grow up like most of us did, he didn't have a chance to enjoy being a kid, and that haunted him his whole life.
So let's add it all up and think carefully about it, would you as a parent leave your child alone with a grown man who you know was himself abused as a child?
I'm not defending or trying to say is not Jackson's fault, child abuse is a no go and every child molester should suffer a long an painful death (just my two cent as a side note)
My final thoughts are, is it really worth it? Does it make sense now after Jackson's death to bring all this up? Whose fault is it really? Is it Michael's fault? The kids's parents for leaving their children with Michael alone?
Guess we'll never really know, I won't waste my time watching the documentary, if you do watch it and wish to share your opinion with me leave a comment below.
I am, and I've always been a metalhead and I never payed much attention to pop music, but you just couldn't grow up in this lifetime without knowing Michael Jackson, be it the moonwalk, some awesome bass line, Thriller or simply his out-of-this-world songwriting skills, this man was / is and will always be the foundation of pop music as we know it.
R.I.P Michael, you were one of a kind.

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