Thursday, April 30, 2009

Connect Ubuntu to wlan automatically

One issue i had in my Ubuntu laptop, everytime i booted up i had to manually enter the password to connect to our wireless lan at home.
-Oh well, it's just once- i thought.
But this little issue became slowly an annoyance so i decided that it was time to do something about that.
What is the first logical step? right! ask google! a couple of minutes search and i found this little trick in order to make my laptop connect automagically to my wlan.
Open up a terminal and navigate to /etc/network, the open the file 'interfaces' with your favorite editor in superuser mode, then add this under iface eth1 inet dhcp.

wireless_essid (essid here)
wireless_key (password here)

Make sure you don't use quotation marks with the essid or it won't work and don't use the brackets.
This little trick has saved me some anoying time, now everytime i boot at home, my laptop finds and connects automagically to my wlan :-)

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