Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Not long ago i had the chance to play around on a friend's macbook and must say that i quite like the interface, specially the bottom bar with the jumping icons, so i decided to give it a go and turn my ubuntu into 'macbuntu.'
First step? of course ask o'powerful google for enlightenment, which came by the lot, at the end i ended up following this excellent tutorial and i must say that i'm very satisfied with the results.
In the following picture you see the original mac leopard desktop

The next picture shows how my desktop turned out, mind the 1024 x 768 resolution of my 12' laptop :-), notice that there are more icons on the top right that i decided to keep and the missing menus of the left that i think i could live without, installing the needed applications was a easy as copying and pasting most of the commands from the tutorial into a terminal ( was too lazy to type) and the result you can see, give it a go and have fun!

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